Foreclosures Suck

If you are facing a foreclosure, there may be options to negotiate a workout program with your lender. To get help with a foreclosure you have to start by talking […]

Avoid Home Buying Blues at Closing

Buying a home is a stressful and emotional affair. You can avoid the home buying blues by keeping your cool at closing. I’ve just come from a settlement table at […]

Mark in California Testimonial

TIP: Treat everyone alike. You are no better than they are! We are just skilled at different levels. Keep your ego in check at all times. This is important when [...]

Anna Made $7,000!

TIP: You can control your environment by getting the negativity out of it! All environments tell stories. Analyze your environment!

Carl and Bridgette Testimonial

TIP: Embrace feedback in a way that enables you to develop new ideas and products with the involvement of your customers and friends.

Deb from Maryland Testimonial

TIP: Your wealth in life will be in direct proportion to your ability to communicate to yourself and directly to other people.