Commission Agreements

The way that brokers are paid are usually spelled out in the commission agreement.  Sometime the formula changes, but the terms and conditions are usually kept the same. Because of this, standard terms and conditions of commission agreements are often ignored by brokers and owners once the agreement is signed. Since the broker’s income is […]

Bulgarian Houses Bulgarian Real Estate Your Top Investment

Quest Bulgaria takes a look at the reality of re-sales of property in Bulgaria and how much your property might be worth. Bulgarian Properties Knight Frank, one of the UK’s most respected residential and commercial property consultancies, recently published a report stating that high increases in residential property prices placed Bulgaria in second place in […]

#62 Pop Up: Frequently Asked Questions

Dwan and Ayla Answer Frequently Asked QuestionsThis 62nd episode of Dwanderful is a pop up session of frequently asked questions with Dwan and special guest, Dwan’s daughter Ayla Diamond.  Together, they answer five common questions often received from listeners, dispel the myths and encourage listeners not to operate based upon unfounded fears. Tune in to be encouraged and ready to step [...]

#24 Working the Market As It Levels Down

During tomorrow’s episode of The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever, you are cordially invited to enter the new season! You will experience an overview of the topics for this second season of the podcast. As a result, you will see how you can use what you have learned so far to begin this new [...]

#16 Face-to-Face with the Homeowner

Dwan reviews some of the key episodes that have led to this point and begins walking listeners through the Fed Up packet. She talks about why she will never approach a homeowner without it and why you should follow her lead. Tomorrow’s episode contains descriptions of the first 2 options in the packet. In fact, [...]

#15 The Number One Reason Your Business Will Fail

Be sure to watch or listen to tomorrow’s episode of The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever to hear the #1 reason why your business will fail. Every other business and industry does this without even thinking about it, but real estate investors have unfounded fears that hold them back from reaching their potential. Even [...]

#12 Are You Ready to Make $30,000

Join us for tomorrow’s episode of The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever to learn how to make $30,000. This episode is the most strategic and significant to date, so you do not want to miss it. Dwan describes the main topics for this year’s episodes because she has been very intentional about organizing the [...]