The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!
The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!
Episode 258 - Jeff Wickersham - Inside The Minds of Todays Millionaires

On this episode of “Inside the mind of today’s Millionaires”, Dwan is talking to Jeff Wickersham. Jeff is the host of the podcast “Morning fire for Entrepreneurs” and author of “Rise ,Fight, Love, Repeat”. Jeff works with people to build an unshakable mindset and strengthen their confidence to be the best version of themselves. He does this by helping them use the first and last 30 minutes of the day to the fullest. He helps create routines and habits that head to success. Jeff and Dwan talk about how habits and routine directly affect the success of a business. You can learn more about Jeff and even get a 7 day sample of his coaching program by visiting www.themorningfire.com. You can also find him on all social channels.

  • :50 Welcome!
  • 2:44 Who is Jeff Wickersham and “What’s his deal?”
  • 2:50 Bookend routine, habits, and rituals
  • 4:03 Reach out on Instagram, LinkedIn, or www.themorningfire.com
  • 4:30 Podcast call Morning Fire for Entrepreneurs
  • 6:20 The first and last 30 minutes of the day aren’t taught
  • 8:15 Plan out the night before
  • 9:23 We fixate on negative things, avoid the distractions
  • 11:54 Rise, fight, Love, Repeat  – Mantra and name of book
  • 13:06 Exhausted and sick for 5 Years
  • 14:46 21- 67 days to make a habit
  • 16:18 “Consistency is more important than intensity”
  • 20:20 If you are consistent over and over…
  • 20:52 What is the first thing you tell entrepreneur to start doing?
  • 23:30 It’s a powerful way to start your day
  • 25:12 Discipline= freedom
  • 27: 23 Schedule that for the same time everyday
  • 29:37 When COVID hit people felt like time slowed down. Why?
  • 32:15 So productive!
  • 33:15 Before bed you should be…
  • 35:19 How does someone like that shutoff for the night?
  • 37:33 Melatonin doesn’t necessarily help you fall asleep, it affects the quality of your sleep
  • 38:17 Speak out loud how you are going to sleep, like an affirmation
  • 41:02 You need to have specifics
  • 41:53 Jeff talks about his favorite food, band, and place.
  • 44:44 I am a practitioner, not someone who has just read a book and think I can teach it
  • 46:40 Jeff issues mental life equity
  • 48:19 You can never have too many good habits
  • 48:34 Jeff leaves us with parting words of wisdom
  • 49:17 The truth is in the red letters