The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!
The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!
Episode 256 - Chris and Kristine - Inside The Minds of Todays Millionaires

On this episode of “Inside the Minds of Today’s Millionaires”, we have a Dwantastic first! Dwan is interviewing a guest COUPLE! Kris and Kristine are the hosts of “The Kris and Kristine Show”. The podcast is the brain child of Kris who always dreamed of making it big on the radio. Today, he is making those dreams come true with his new bride. Together they are building a fun podcast empire where they lift spirits, talk about real life, and interview other amazing humans. You can learn more about Kris and Kristine by visiting www.krisandkristineshow.com. Be sure to listen to their great show and leave them some awesome “5-Star” reviews. Also, check out Kris’ other podcast, “Podtastic”, where he helps aspiring podcasters break their way in.

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  • :50 Welcome to “Inside the Minds of Today’s Millionaires ”
  • 1:00 A first! Interviewing a couple together
  • 3:56 Who are Kris & Kristine?
  • 4:53 Before we got married…
  • 7:36 We started podcasting super simply and cheaply
  • 9:11 The first interview we did wasn’t very good
  • 13:15 It had only been 3 minutes!
  • 14:26 I’ve gotten most of my words of wisdom from other people’s journeys.
  • 17:20 Failed written driving test and then failed the driving test. Tricky questions!
  • 21:34 What was Kristine doing when she was younger?
  • 23:52 Parents faced discrimination over their marriage, encouraged kids to prioritize education”
  • 26:58 Must have a 2-year degree in order to keep living at home. First in family to go from high school to 4 year school
  • 28:00 Chris talks about his line of work other than blogging – local trucking!
  • 30:13 Extreme shortage of drivers
  • 31:53 Over 100 episodes uploaded!
  • 33:00 Chris second podcast show, “Podtastic”, teaches other podcasters
  • 35:25 Make a course!
  • 38:47 I could do that! But there is more going on behind the scenes than you would expect
  • 40:22 Chris & Kristine talk favorite food, band
  • 49:15 She is now DOCTOR Kristine!
  • 51:09 Kristine issues our life equity challenge for the week – FINANCIAL TRANSPARENCY
  • 53:30 He bought a building without telling Dwan!
  • 55:50 Remember we are on the same team
  • 57:28 Go watch “The Kris & Kristine Podcast”! www.krisandkristineshow.com