The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!
The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!
Episode 248 - Jay Tenebaum - Inside The Minds of Today's Millionaires

Today Dwan is talking with Jay Tenebaum, a twenty-year legal veteran in the debt collection arena. the specializes in loan modifications and successful workouts. You can learn more about Jay and what he does by visiting www.Scottsvillerei.com. Dwan and Jay talk candidly about what he does what Reverse Mortgages. They even lay out a couple of examples to give us an example Of what some situations may look like. You can contact Jay at 714-458-6317. or by emailing him at Jay@Scottsdalerei.com. We also encourage you to Check out his podcast, “The Real Estate Mastermind” and leave him some “5-Star” reviews.

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  • 0:50 Welcome to “ Inside the Minds of Today’s Millionaires “
  • 1:39 Today Dwan is talking with Jay Tenebaum
  • 3:01 Drinks with Dwan & Jay
  • 3:32 Who is Jay Tenebaum today?
  • 4:27 Contact Jay at 714-458-6317 Or email him at Jay@Scottsdalerei.com or visit www.Scottsdalerei.com and his podcast is The Real Estate Mastermind
  • 6:14 A quick story about a VW van
  • 7:49 Biggest surprise about moving to Arizona
  • 8:40 What does Scottsdale REI do?
  • 12:44 Love what you are doing with notes!
  • 14:55 The bank is trying to bid you up!
  • 16:04 How do I become an auction’s VIP buyer?
  • 19:31 Fidelity hates me!
  • 20:18 A judgment lien is…
  • 21:30 Here is the basic key
  • 22:58 Ask the buyer “How can I help you?” then they sing their country western song to you
  • 24:22 Make it affordable for them and no one defaults
  • 25:09 Give us an example of a reverse mortgage and how an investor could step into that
  • 29:45 You have a certain amount of time for someone to come in and refinance the house
  • 30:20 If the heirs don’t come up with the money…
  • 31:35 You guys are fighting over something worth nothing
  • 34:13 Doing 10 deals by yourself is too much, you need relationships
  • 35:00 Always take care of those relationships
  • 37:00 I don’t have an advantage. I have a specific skillset and expertise
  • 39:49 Dwan and Bill made a pact that if neither is going to budge, they will just flip a coin
  • 40:36 What was teenage Jay doing?
  • 43:14 Bartending… but dad says get out. he listened and went back to school for law
  • 47:00 6 kids!
  • 49:00 Jay’s favorite food.
  • 50:15 It’s more about the company I’m with as opposed to the meal itself
  • 50:32 Jay’s favorite band of all time
  • 51:13 The beach!
  • 52:17 Jay issues life equity challenge  – Physical