The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!
The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!
Episode 246 - Why You Need To Be The Buffalo

This episode of “The Most Dwanderful Podcast Ever “ is going to be a little different and a bit more serious. After a life altering 2 years, everyone is trying to readjust to life, the same goes for Dwan. After speaking with her, a friend told her that She was “like a buffalo.” WHAT? Dwan wasn’t quite sure how to take that at first. The friend went onto explain that the buffalo was the only creature in the animal kingdom that, when a storm was coming, faced it head on and walked into it. Dwan talks about her recent storms and why she took a little break from podcasting. She also gives a little insight on what storm She is about to walk into and gives us a sneak peak of What to expect in her next episode. 


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:5O Welcome to the ” The Most Dwanderful Podcast Ever “! 

2:02 New you in ’22

2:42 It’s been a 2 year dumpster fire 

3:50 The worrying over COVID should be done with

4:19 You don’t hear about (OUD on the news because bigger stories have come along

4:58 Things are different now, let’s get back to living life

6:50 30 minute net time for listening to podcasts

8:56 Dwan reads two “5-Star” reviews from Juliette Poppe Garcia Irene

10:20 Let’s talk about the buffalo…be the buffalo

11:O7 Did you know that buffalos are the only animals to walk INTO the storm?

12: 52 He face so many kinds of storms in life, people TRY to avoid them and walk towards pleasures instead

14:07  There are some storms we can’t avoid, how do we tackle them?

17:06 What’s been going on with Dwan since December

20:36 Le weeks in Ohio, missing Christmas, helping Dad recover from COVID and loss of his Wife.

22:50 I am a buffalo!

25:33 Death is a storm, help dad through it

26:28 Personal storm with Bill’s health coming up, but let’s talk about that on the next podcast

28:07 Relief for them when they aren’t suffering anymore

30:30 When a storm is coming at me, how do I face it, go through it, and come out on the other side? Don’t get stuck in it and drag it on.

32:12 Not saying to ignore it, but not to linger in it

33:04 Dwan issues family life equity challenge

33:50 Make sure your last words are good words

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3439 The truth is in the red letters