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The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!
The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!
Episode 245 - Frank Furman Inside The Minds of Todays Millionaires

In this episode of “ Inside the Minds of Today’s Millionaires “, Dwan is talking with Frank Furman. Frank is the CEO of PadSplit, a modern take on home sharing and boarding. Frank explains to us how this business has been an answer to the affordable housing crisis for people ALMOST nationwide. This hasn’t always been his main gig, though. Prior to cofounding Pad Split, Frank was an Engagement manager for McKinsey & Company in London and Atlanta. He is also a former infantry officer in the Marine corps with whom the served two tours in Afghanistan. He has a B.S in Aeronautical Engineering from the United States Naval Academy and a M.S in Applied Physics from Johns Hopkins University. In other words, Frank is one smart guy! You can learn more about PadSplit by visiting www.padsplit.com. You can also reach frank by emailing frank@padsplit.com or by texting 404-621-9149.


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  • :50 Welcome to “Inside the Minds of Today’s Millionaires“ 
  • 1:47 Today Dwan is talking to Frank Furman
  • 2:54 Who is Frank and what is his deal?
  • 4:00 Frank@padsplit.com or www.padSplit.com
  • 5:09 The “Olden days” you had boarders
  • 8:28 Everyone shares space
  • 11:35 Almost like the science of an arranged marriage
  • 12: 25 People who know each other fight. Strangers almost never fight
  • 15:55 The sink is always empty
  • 17:00 Some other policies…some just common sense
  • 18:20 Bad things happen on couches 
  • 20:06 Make common areas easy to clean
  • 21:25 Scenario of a place in Atlanta
  • 22:40 Think of the 4 P’s
  • 26:42 Lower price point than renting an apartment
  • 28:45 Everyone knows when Friday is
  • 32:04 How you let people know you are out there?
  • 35:00 What was Frank doing when he was 20?
  • 40:14 People are going to be displaced
  • 41:20 Always a demand for affordable housing
  • 42:41 The timing is perfect
  • 43:38 A parking spot is $30,000 in the city
  • 44:57 Frank’s favorite band
  • 46:35 The 70’s may not have been good for much, but it nailed the music
  • 48:30 frank@padsplit.com , text 404-621-9149, www.padsplit.com
  • 49:37 Frank issues this week’s life equity challenge – Physical
  • 53:00 We get paid for the problems that we solve 
  • 53:40 www.dwonderful.com to opt in for 4 free e-books
  • 54:20 Frank’s parting word of wisdom
  • 56:31 The truth is in the red letters