The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!
The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!
Episode 243 - How Is Your Mental Equity

This week on “The Most Dwanderful Podcast Ever”, Dwan is finishing up on her series about the 5 life equities. So far, financial, spiritual, family, and physical have all been covered. If you missed those, you are definitely going to want to go back and check them out. Today, we are rounding it out and finishing up with mental. What does Dwan mean by mental? Simply put, good, positive thoughts! This is more difficult for some than others. And sometimes a medication is needed to help with a chemical imbalance. There is no shame in that! But Dwan stresses that the mind sets the tone for your body. She even gives some examples.


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  • :50 Welcome to the Most Dwanderful Podcast Ever!
  • 1:47 Dwan reads a “5-Star” Review from Rose
  • 4:42 Last equity is mental
  • 5:30 When I’m talking about mental, I’m not talking about ALL of it. No shame in chemical imbalance
  • 6:13 8O-85% of our “Self talk” are negative thoughts
  • 6:51 “Self talk” for Dwan personally changed after… 
  • 8:57 If you catch yourself having negative thoughts
  • 9:34 Negativity and stress can eat you up and make you sick 
  • 11:58 Once you are aware of something, you can’t go back to not knowing
  • 14:00 Keeping a good mental mindset throughout COVID
  • 14:24 For mental I want you to focus on good, positive thoughts. Not a grudge holder
  • 15:29 Your mind is not your friend until you get control of it
  • 16:26 Your mind sets the tone for your body
  • 17:00 Dedicate some time to the equities
  • 18:07 That wraps up November
  • 18:40 Choose to be happy
  • 19:OO It all ties together!
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  • 19:12 The truth is in the red letters