The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!
The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!
Episode 234 - Moneeka Sawyer - Inside The Minds of Today's Millionaires

In this week’s episode of “Inside the Minds of Today’s Millionaires”, Dwan is talking with Moneeka Sawyer. Monaka is just maybe the happiest most blissful guest here at Dwanderful! She is the author of the multi-award winning book, “Choose Bliss ” and has appeared on stages worldwide. Moneeka discusses the importance of putting self first in order to better serve those who depend on you. To top off that impressive accomplishment, Moneeka is also a real estate investor of 30 years. She shares her top tips for finding, keeping, and respecting tenants as a landlord. You can learn more about Moneeka by visiting www.blissfulinvestor.com.


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0:50 Welcome to Inside the Minds of Today’s Millionaires 

2:01 Introduction to Moneeka Sawyer, Drinks with Dwan – Tea!

3:50 Married for 25 years

5:03 Multi-Million dollar business allowed her to take 10 days off to grieve the loss of her baby pooch

6:14 We have to be our authenticate selves

8:07 Who is Moneeka right now? Choose bliss. www.blissfulinvestor.com 

10:14 Bliss is an inside job, but pain makes it harder

11:17 In real estate for 30 years as an investor

12:42 It’s the mind game, it’s what we have the most control over

15:06 It takes training and that starts with you

17:08 Being stuck in the muck is human, you want to be superhuman!

19:13 Putting myself first has allowed me to be the best I can be for those who depend on me

21:55 People love you and they will adjust

23:30 It is selfish to do things for other people to be liked

26:02. Moneeka in her teens – a people pleaser for protection

29:25 Forgot my own name

30:20 THE Story! 

32:10 Do you want rich people money problems or poor people Money problems?

33:06 Moneeka’s first deal

37:16 A tenant can change your life

40:03 Rentals aren’t money machines, they are a business

40:24 Treat your tenants with respect

41:30 Moneeka’s “Secret sauce” on vetting tenants

44:00 Document your systems by taking notes

44:39 The ideal tenant will… 

47:48 Sad to see them go

48:16 “Tenant from hell” Story 

53:21 Favorite food, band, and place

59:52 Moneeka gives this week’s life equity Challenge