The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!
The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!
Episode 230 - The Donis Brothers - Inside The Minds of Today's Millionaires

Kenneth, Jeffery, and Kerwin Donis are the guests this week on “Inside the minds of Today’s Millionaires”. Dwan talks to these 3 young brothers who have taken on the world of real estate investing. With just under two years under their belt, they have successfully made quite a name for themselves! In their first two deals alone, they brought in a check for $33,500. Within that first 13 months, they had wholesaled 13 deals, most of which occurred in the final 6 months. Their background is a humble one. They are 1st generation Americans from low-income and single mother household. They didn’t us that as an excuse, though! They were all accepted into varying college courses, but they didn’t stay on that path for long! They began reading books to help shape their mindset. It was that coupled with a trip to their mother’s home country, Guatemala, that really gave them the boost that they needed to make the shift into real estate investing full time. Learn more about these amazing brothers by visiting www.donisinvestmentgroup.com and by listening to their podcast, “The Real Estate Monopoly”.

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Time Stamps:

:50 Welcome to “Inside the Minds of Today’s Millionaires” and drinks with Dwan 3:04 Who are the Donis brothers? Young men! 6:10 The breakfast club…. the podcast, not the movie! 8:22 Low-income, single mother 9:08 Living the American dream, but extremely humbled 10:09 Mom is proud, but how did she feel at first? 11:05 Go to school, get a degree, work 9-5 13:10 First two deals brought a check for $33,500! 13:40 Give mom 10% of what they make. The goal of helping her to retire! 15:51 College is a waste of time for some 17:42 How did they decide where they were going to start? 18:37 Cold calling, big pipeline, and 13 deals in the first year 19:35 Where do you want to be? Go straight for it! 22:17 Learned mindset from reading. 25:05 Generational wealth 25:32 Role in working together 26:07 Apartment syndication 29:24 The Donis brothers as kids 30:10 Saw her struggle but never saw her quit 31:35 Not a lot of kids have the business mindset 33:17 Dwan reminisces about being a teen 35:40 Small goal, retire mom. The big goal…give back 37:23 Guatemala was a humbling experience and gave them the push to make the move 38:50 You hear about it, but until you see it you can’t comprehend it 40:21 A big mind shift and a catalyst for change 41:34 The more money you generate the more you can give 44:41 Each brother shares what book made them think differently 47:43 Favorite food and band 53:20 1st generation Americans, a blank book to write their story” 55:53 Kerwin assigns our financial/friends life equity challenge 57:52 Parting words of wisdom 59:46 the truth is in the red letters