The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!
The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!
Episode 225 - Victor Maas - Inside The Minds of Todays Millionaires

In this episode of “Inside the minds of Today’s Millionaires”, Dwan is talking with Victor Maas. Victor is an experienced real estate attorney, broker, investor and, most importantly, a problem solver. Since 2003, he has been investing in the San Antonio market. As an attorney and investor he is in a special place to be able to help distressed homeowners in Texas. He is passionate about helping others. It was by making the distinction of quality over wuantity that made him so successful. It is that mindset that he tries to teach his mentees. Listen to the podcast to hear some stroies about how he has gone above and beyond for homeowners and things he has done to seal the deals. Learn more about Victor by visiting thevictormaas.com and signing up for his free e-Book, “How I Got Started in Real Estate”. You should also check out his podcast “The Victor Maas Real Estate Show” and leave him (and us here at Dwanderfu!) a “5-star” review!

:50 Welcome to “Inside the Minds of Today’s Millionaires”2:15 Drinks with Dwan and Victor – Tea! And Victor is waiting for his Starbucks3:22 Who is Victor?5:12 How to contact Victor5:56 A problem solver7:20 SINGLE!8:45 Who was victor as a teenager?9:35 Sacrifice isn’t forever, do it early11:23 Teaching English to Japanese online12:17 A few hundred deals12:37 Examples of a recent deal13:39 Most investors don’t know…14:00 Texas laws16:26 If I can solve the problem, I can help the homeowner16:50 Crazy story about helping a homeowner18:00 Hoarders22:13 Quality over quantity25:50 Tips to get a new investor onto the path of success26:00 Read these two books28:28 Find a mentor31:00 Mentoring for 25 years!32:10 What do I need to do to earn your business? An example33:40 Victor shares a piece of wisdom and what you need to know36:05 Favorite foods, band, and place44:14 Find your passion in helping people45:49 This weeks life equity challenge – Physical47:19 Do something for yourself48:32 Listen to “The Victor Maas Real Estate Show” podcast and leave him a review!49:23 Dwanderful.com and opt in for 4 free e-books49:54 thevictormaas.com to get Victor’s free e-book “How I Got Started in Real Estate”50:18 Victor’s parting words of wisdom50:39 Remember, the truth is in the red letters!