The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!
The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!
Episode 208 Risk Assessment Fee

In this Episode of “the Most Dwanderful Podcast Ever” Dwan is digging into the topic of charging a “risk assessment fee”. Many people are so far behind on their mortgages that they are starting to feel trapped. However, Dwan explains that even though some are at risk of losing their homes, they would rather do that than to sell it for almost nothing. That is where equity partnering comes in! You can help them out of a bad situation and leave them feeling good about it AND you can earn some money from it, too. The biggest thing to know, though, is you need the PROPERLY SIGNED documentation. Without that, you are really ding a disservice to yourself and could potentially find yourself in a bad situation. If you would like access to the documents that you need, head on over to Dwanderful.com and opt in. This will give you access to our Mighty Network where you will be able to get all the documents needed to make a safe transaction.

:50 Welcome 1:28 Are you makingless than you feel you are worth? 2:25 Drinks with Dwan – Tea! 3:14 Dwan reads a couple “5-Star” reviews 5:30 Blind modifications have been sent out from banks, but some are still in early stages of foreclosure 8:04 Most are about 12 months behind before I meet them 8:22 Let’s talk about a “risk assessment fee” 8:50 Opt in at Dwanderful.com and you will have access to the homeowners agreement 10:06 How we split the money with the partnered homeowner 13:39 People are attached to their homes and some would rather lose it than sell it for dirt cheap 15:39 You need to have all the right SIGNED documents to keep your transaction safe 16:24 This week’s life equity challenge is physical 17:20 Write me some reviews! 17:35 The truth is in the red letters