The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!
The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!
Episode 207 - Rod Khlief - Inside The Minds of Todays Millionaires

In this episode of “Inside the Minds of Today’s Millionaires”, we are talking with Rod Kahlief. He is a multi-family real estate guy and the host of the podcase “Lifetime Cashflow”. At the age of 6, Rod immigrated from Holland to Denver, Colorado. It was there that his mother paved the way into his interest of real estate and making money while he sleeps. At the age of 18 he got his brokers license and was right on the track from there, making lots of money and crushing goals. Life changed suddenly for Rod, though, when it all came crashing down in 2008 and he lost 50 million dollars. He didn’t jump right back into real estate, though. He first turned his attention to being a litigation lawyer and helping families not lose their houses. Though it was good work, and rewarding helping those families, it wasn’t where he passion was. Rod started over and began to realize that multifamily homes was where it was at. He also discovered his passion for teaching others and helping them to change their mindset to accomplish their goals. It is throguh his #1 podcast that he does this and through the bootcamps that he hosts. In fact, for our listeners, Rod is offering a special deal! If you text multifamily to 72345 you can get access to his 18 hour training for $47. After some time, that code will change and the price will go up to it’s regular $300 with the code getting you $50, so don’t hesitate! You can learn more about Rod by visiting his website, realestatewithrod.com or his foundation page tinyhandsfoundation.com Don’t forget to go on over to Dwan’s page, too! Opting in will get you 4 of her best training tools and will help keep you up to date on what is going on in this market of ours. If you like what you heard today, we would love to add your “5-Star” review to our growing collection! Thank you!

:50 Welcome! 3:21 Who is Rod Kahlief? Multi family complexes 4:39 Hosts podcast “Lifetime Cashflow” – just broke 11 million downloads 5:15 realestatewithrod.com or text multifamily to 72345 to learn about bootcamps 6:58 Rod at the age of 6. Immigrated from Holland to Denver, Colorado 8:09 Brokers license at 18! 8:37 Mindset and psychology transformed his business 9:29 Lost 50 million dollars in 2008 10:12 What was happening to lose that? 12:55 Nail in the coffin was the tenant demographics 13:53 If he didn’t lose it, he wouldn’t have met his wife! 15:15 Get “nay-sayers” out of your head 16:53 Started litigation business, didn’t get right back into real estate. Why? 19:25 Saved so many homes, but didn’t like the business 19:58 1 million podcast downloaded, so he wrote a book. He gave away 20k copies before selling it 20:59 Pink hair – If not now, when? 22:10 What we do at bootcamp- the key to success 25:36 DM Rod on social media and he will send the link to guide you 27:24 We do more to avoid pain than we do to gain pleasure 28:09 If you fear failure, you should fear regret more! 30:52 Manifest through gratitude 33:41 Got it all!….except the 6-pack abs 34:31 Crab legs and The Eagles 39:03 Everything he wanted, but suddenly very depressed 39:42 Happiness doesn’t come from the goals 42:00 When you incooporate giving back, you are happily achieving 42:30 Life Equity – A new spin on it 50:20 Rod’s parting words of wisdom