The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!
The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!
Episode 203 Jay Conner - Inside The Minds of Todays Millionaires

In this weeks episode of “Inside the Minds of Today’s Millionaires”, Dwan is talking with Jay Conners. Jay is known as the “Private Money Authority”. He and Dwan speak candidly about the deals Jay does and how he does them. Making about $67,000 per deal (and he does on average 3 a month!) he does this with a unique touch. A personal one. No cold calls. No stalking homeowners. Rather he uses “bird-dogs” and reaches out to people personally. Don’t mind the little tech hiccup in the middle of this episode! Dwan and jay joke that that’s what real estate investing is all about! Finally, Jay issues this weeks life equity challenge. You can learn more about Jay by going to www.jayconners.com/freebook (You can even get his book for free here!). Also listen to his podcast, Real Estate Investing with Jay Conners.

:55 Into 2:02 Intro to Jay Conner and who he is today 3:34 Two businesses – Flipping and Coaching on how to get funding for deals 4:43 He is the “Private Money Authority” 5:09 Contact Jay and listen to his podcast 6:30 People stuck on where to get the money to do deals 6:48 Drinks with Dwan – Tea! 7:48 Averaging $67,000 a deal, tips for a small market 9”06 Consistent lead flow 10:13 Vacant houses – Putting eyes on the properties 11:35 Bird-dogs drive the target area 14:00 Foreclosure notice doesn’t mean vacate immediately 16:41 Bird-dog compensation 18:00 Real life takes over this podcast” 21:15 Stuff comes up 22:00 What you think will work doesn’t, and vice versa 26:14 I don’t know anyone not on Facebook 26:55 Jay reads Facebook message sent to owner of vacant home 31:27 Make connections 34:45 A way out 37:29 They had time but….denial 39:30 What if there was no response to the Facebook message? 43:00 Matchmaking – beenverified.com 45:50 A softer approach – The personal touch 46:30 Jay’s favorite food 48:00 Dwan’s favorite Texas meal 48:50 The Eagle’s – Hotel California, a throwaway song 50:18 The Grove Park Inn – Jay’s favorite place 53:38 Jay issues this week’s life equity – The rule of 5 1:00:40 Subscribe!