The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!
The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!
Episode 196 - Picking Your Next Project

In this episode of “Investing on the Go”, Will Twyford talks about picking out your next rehab project. He covers why it is okay to pick and choose what things to renovate and what to just leave alone and be okay with. He also talks about why you need to be aware of the costs of doing projects. After all, it’s better to have no deal than to have one you can’t get out of! Come on over to investorsedgeuniverity.com to opt in and gain access to some excellent learning materials. And don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast and leave a “5-Star” review!

1:00 – Introduction by Will Twyford to this week’s “Investing on the Go” 1:41 – Today’s topic – Picking your next project 2:13- A lot of risks, but a lot of benefits, too 2:41 – Start with your checklist of priorities 4:01 – Pick and choose 4:37 – Things that will cost money upfront but bring a big return in your rehab 6:37 – Know your additional costs 8:11 – You want and addition to feel like part of the house 9:20 – Raise the class of the house 10:00 – Make the addition seamless 10:30 – Know how much things cost so you don’t lose out 11:52 – Always expect it to cost more, things will always come uo 12:20 – Weed out big weekend warriors by buying bigger jobs 13:44 – It’s better to not have a deal thank to have a bad deal 14:45 – Subscribe, write a review, and share! 15:18 – Go to investoredgeuniversity.com to opt in and get some free learning materials