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The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!
The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!
#314: The Importance of Risk Management in Commercial Real Estate Properties

The word of the week is Opportunity. Every success starts with an opportunity that one takes. However, every opportunity also has its risks.

Risk management is an important part of real estate property management. A good risk management strategy is a critical part of business success. On the other hand, poor risk management can severely impact a business.

Join Dwan as she interviews Jeremy Goodrich. He shares the importance of Risk Management in commercial real estate properties and a lot of actionable tips every entrepreneur must take note of.

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Episode 314 at a glance…

  • Who Jeremy Goodrich is and What he Does
  • The Importance of Property Risk Insurance
  • 3 Steps to Managing Risks
  • The Kinds of Clients Jeremy Works With
  • Risk Management Strategy in a Business Plan
  • Jeremy’s Younger Years and his Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Two Forms of Income Everyone Should Have
  • Three Es in Success in Any Business
  • Some of Jeremy’s Favorites


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About the Guest:

Jeremy Goodrich is a real estate insurance advisor at Shine Insurance Agency. He is also an investor. His entrepreneurial mindset has been in him since his younger years. 

How to Connect with Jeremy Goodrich:

Website: www.shineinsurance.com

Podcast: Managing Commercial Real Estate Risks



About the host:

Dwan is America’s most sought-after real estate investor and coach. She has been featured on more than 50 media outlets in interviews and featured articles. For the past 4 years, Dwan’s Podcast has grown in popularity and is now in the top 1000 business podcasts

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