Mastering the Art of Transitions: A Construction Engineer’s Journey to Real Estate Investment Success

Construction Engineer’s Journey to Real Estate Investment Success

The transition from one profession to another is never easy, especially when the shift involves venturing into an entirely different field like real estate investment. This podcast episode delves into the mesmerizing journey of Ace Haggerty, a structural engineer who successfully transitioned to become a leading real estate investor in Nashville.

Ace’s transformation didn’t happen overnight. It started with his early days in short sales and eventually led to his success as a developer. This episode provides an engaging conversation where both Ace and I share our personal experiences, shedding light on the importance of having the right people, systems, and banks at hand. We also unveil the power of delegating and its significant contribution to managing real estate investments effectively.

One of the essential lessons we discuss is the importance of authentic action over mere words. Drawing from our experiences in the construction industry, we emphasize how actions often speak louder than words in the world of real estate investment. Moreover, we touch upon the importance of setting the right expectations and not allowing people to treat you as they wish.

We also delve into the power of mindset and daily routines, and how they shape our overall wellbeing and success in real estate. Ace and I reflect on the influence of our favorite bands and southern home cooking, discussing how these seemingly small things can shape a thriving real estate career.

One of the critical aspects we discuss is the role of faith and belief in achieving success. We explore how having a clear vision and taking action are essential steps to turning dreams into reality. The episode also highlights the influence of daily routines, emphasizing the power of morning routines and how they can positively impact the day.


The journey to real estate investment success may not be a straightforward one, but with the right mindset, resources, and guidance, it is certainly achievable. As we explore in this episode, mastering the art of transitions, whether in career or personal life, can open doors to unimaginable success. Let this enlightening tale of Ace Haggerty’s journey inspire you to kick-start your own journey in real estate investment.