Creative Ways to Help Your Business Stand Out!
While many real estate professionals are focusing all of their attention towards the internet to make sure they are implementing the most effective real estate marketing ideas to draw in more clients, we cannot forget to utilize real estate marketing ideas that will build your brand offline.
It’s never a good idea to put all of your eggs into one basket and the more exposure the better, right?
If you’re one of the many investors that’s spent a lot of time researching and testing online real estate marketing ideas and let the offline marketing efforts fall to the way side, here are a few neat real estate marketing ideas that you can use to promote your business in the “real world” (offline):
Turn Your Business Cards into Refrigerator Magnets!
This has to be one of the best real estate marketing ideas yet – you hand out your business card every chance you get, right? Why not slap magnet on the back so the recipient can stick it on their refrigerator? That way they will see it every day and friends and family will be exposed to it whenever they drop by to raid the frig (which we all do).
Pass Out Pens with Your Company Info!

Ever wonder why so many companies have pens with their names everywhere? It’s smart marketing… how can you beat promotion on a daily basis that you paid for only one time? A small investment can get you thousands of pens to “accidentally” leave everywhere you go.
Offer Your Clients Free Coffee Mugs!
Many folks enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in the morning to give our brains the extra boost and your brand could get one at the same time if your company information is printed on that cup! While it’s true that coffee mugs are one of the pricier real estate marketing ideas, it has the potential to reach a broad audience and serve you for many years to come.
Help People Find Their Keys.. and Your Company Name!

Considering we all carry keys it might not be such a bad idea to order some key chains and lanyards with your company details printed on it. Lanyards can prove especially useful to those who have a tendency to misplace their keys and the more they use it, the more people will see your brand!
As you can see above there are plenty of ways to get your name and brand out there, so don’t be afraid of getting creative with your real estate marketing ideas. Not only will the ideas mentioned above promote your brand, but it can help your business appear more solid as a company.