The flag is driving me crazy! As you can tell, I rant when things bother me. I also have an opinion about EVERYTHING!  Most of the time, I am right…haha.

This thing with the Confederate Flag is out of control. Take the damn thing down. I don’t know what the flag means to the different generations, I only know that when I see that flag I think of the words – “The South Is Gonna Rise Again.”

Folks, the south isn’t going to rise again because we are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…UNITED!

I understand that to some people it is a reminder of slavery, the Civil War, a tragic time in our country…but the south is not going to rise again, so get rid of the flag.

Hang an AMERICAN flag and the flag of your state and stop with this confederate stuff. It’s over and done with!

I have an Aunt who is almost 90.  She is old, does not use any technology, still has her southern beliefs, and still calls people from the north Yankees. It is so cute! Does that make her racist? NO – she is from a different generation and the word “Yankees” is in her vocabulary. It’s adorable!

Our country is never going to work if people don’t start uniting soon.

Stop with the black/white thing, stop bashing gays, stop being against our police officers who risk their lives for us everyday…JUST STOP ALREADY!


If I had my way we would all live in peace and harmony…let’s make it happen! All it takes is one person to take a stand and then another and then another…I’ll be first!