How to Sell Houses at Auctions


Advertising your property at auction can be an immense way of selling your home as quickly as possible. But keep in mind to pack your bags in time – you will have to renounce the keys 28 days following the auction date.

Some of the advantages of selling at auction could be:

  • Instant trade of contacts
  • Cash acquisition / subsidy in place – minimum 10% deposit remunerated at Auction
  • Not subject to agreement.
  • Finest value achieved through spirited bidding.
  • Market publicity – loads of auctions exert a pull on 100’s of impending buyers.
  • Predetermined end date.
  • Speedy sale – without compromising sale value.
  • Take care to choose the right auction home.

This involves selecting an auctioneer who offers assets analogous to yours, within the equivalent cost range. Choosing an inappropriate auction house greatly minimizes your odds of getting a constructive deal on your house. Also, execute a property assessment before you settle on the reserve cost sequentially to guard yourself against a highly inauspicious sale.

The Costs

The auctioneer will charge you for the commercial in brochures and catalogs, a price that you will have to wrap despite the consequences of whether your property is sold or not. You will also have to reimburse a payment of around 2.5 percent of the sales price. Ahead of signing any contract, note all the operating cost you will have to wrap, even if your house is not sold.


  • Lay down the reserve cost
  • Organize a deal
  • Unfasten your property for viewings

Once the auction starts, the sale is authorized and legally compulsory. The purchaser will have to pay you 10 percent of the settled sales price right away, the excellent balance within 28 days after the auction. If he fails to do so, file a suit against him!

The Disadvantages:

You can by no means be acquainted with how much your property will sell for. An auction is a exceedingly unpredictable marketplace – if there is no stipulate on the day of your sale, you might end up selling it below its market worth.
You will have to reimburse your solicitor to be there at the auction in order to reform any final irregularities and come back with questions. Depending on how keen your solicitor is about itinerant, this can be rather an expensive issue.
A few people believe their confidentiality sullied at auctions, as the properties have to be open to prospective buyers and their surveyors.
Promoting your house at auction can be pricier than selling it through an Estate Agent. Moreover, you will have to wrap certain operating expenses even if your property does not vend.