You get what you giveHow to Get What You Give


“You get what you give.” Have you ever hear that saying before? Have you ever meditated on how it can be applied in your life? There is a lot of truth in that small sentence! You can’t really get what you want in life until you have given it to others.  How can you give what you don’t have? As you ponder that question you really open your mind to all kinds of possibilities and you allow opportunity to knock on your door. When you open that door you will find that it is possible to give what you don’t have.
In a strange way, this kind of giving is like a chain letter…without the scam that usually goes with them. But the principles are there! You give before you receive. Another good example of this is “Pay it Forward”. One simple internet search will bring up thousands of videos showing complete strangers acts of kindness without being asked or expecting reciprocation. By giving to others, you allow good things to happen to you. To allow this to happen, you need to do your best to eliminate the chaos in your life. That is something only YOU can do..

The technique in this article is only one of a vast array that you can use on a daily basis to improve your life dramatically.

The law of attraction, like gravity, is undeniable. You will attract what you are sending out. Your thoughts are real in the world of attraction.

If your mind is resonating with patterns of anxiety, stress, anger, sadness, envy, grief, or any other negative emotion, you will be attracting more of the same in your life.

One step you can take to change this is to focus on giving to others before you receive yourself. In this way you are changing your vibration and your focus. And you open yourself to receive what you had been closing off before.

It is very simple to give. Give of what you have, and everyone has something to give. We all have innate value to offer the world. An abiding philosophy in the law of attraction is to always offer an increase in value, to give back more in value than you receive in money. In this way you continue to give more than you get and attract more and larger life back to yourself.

Take a moment to look within and find something, anything, no matter how small or simple, to give to anyone, friend or stranger. Start the practice of giving, and you will take one step towards raising your level of vibration and enhancing the value of what you attract in your own life. Give something selflessly today, knowing that you will receive it multiplied back in your life, tenfold.