Get In On the Foreclosure Niche for Real Estate Investing


foreclosure niche has so many great opportunities right now and they are growing at a rapid speed. These opportunities are being spurred by the massive increases in foreclosures across the country. When you focus on foreclosures you will get the opportunity to get hones in your portfolio that you typically would not take the risk on.

How do you invest in these kinds of foreclosures? By taking control of the property and getting the deed and then selling the home to an investor or potential owner. If you choose to focus on luxury homes, you can almost guarantee on making more profit per house with only putting in the same amount of work. If you combine investing in luxury foreclosures and add in the ability to do short sales, you have a golden ticket!

Lenders are typically fairly flexible when negotiating high value mortgages because they do not want these houses back. The way the banks view this goes something like this. Would we rather make 10% of a 150 thousand dollar home or 10% of a 1.5 million dollar home? There are so many homes with defaulted mortgages that there are unlimited opportunities to do these kinds of transactions.

In today’s market, there are so many sub par products that on the market place and the guidelines for allowing weak borrowers to buy properties that typically they would not have been able to purchase. Competition needed to be able to get their money out into the marketplace. The foreclosure investing niche is an awesome sector to get involved in.

Top five reasons why?

1. The ability to control High Dollar and High Profit Potential Homes with no Risk.
2. Good Credit isn’t needed because you don’t have to qualify for mortgages in your own name.
3. A pile of money isn’t needed to get started. This business has very low barriers of entry.
4. Experience isn’t necessary because if you follow a system, it will show you how to create the huge checks by following the step by step system.
5. You can purchase a foreclosure quickly because you have a motivated, cooperative seller.

There are not enough investors in the marketplace right now to handle the volume of homes going into foreclosure. We need more investors and we are on a mission to create very successful investors that want to get extremely wealthy over the next two to three years.

This situation wont last forever. Just 3 years ago it was very difficult to find these types of deals. Take advantage of it while its here.