Do you sit on the edge of your seat watching the DIY and home flipping shows? You know the ones. A team goes in and turns a lump of coal into a diamond ready for the market! By the end of the show they have most of us wanting to give it a try! But have you really considered “flipping” a home of your own? It really is a great way to make a pretty profit. With the proper planning and attention to detail, it can be done pretty quickly.

Not only fun, but practical!

When such a project is done correctly flipping houses can be really fun! Things such as timetables and budget constraints do need to be kept in mind, though. Another thing that should be considered is aptitude. Not everyone is skilled with a hammer let alone a handsaw. Power tools are fun, but dangerous! If you haven’t had any experience in using tools, you may find you have a harder time making renovations on your own. this means an additional cost of having to hire a contractor.

Power Tool Free

If you aren’t going to playing with the power tools, that doesn’t mean you are going to miss out on all the fun! Maybe color matching and decorating is more your speed. You can try your hand at creating a color scheme for the home and picking the accents. Do you want tile, wood, carpet or linoleum flooring? What about the countertops? There your will be able to choose from Formica, granite, and wood. What kind of kitchen cabinets do you want? There are still so many decisions to make, and not need to touch a single power tool.

Get Everyone Involved

Another fun thing about flipping real estate is that you often get the opportunity to work with the people you love. This is a great opportunity to get friends and family involved. The price for their time and labor is often some good music, a tasty pizza, and a couple of cold sodas.

Even children can be of some help in these projects. You would want to be very careful that they aren’t making more work for you, though! Typically have older children help with landscaping projects and find someone to care for younger children (the tools, fumes, and temptations for small children simply may prove too risky to be practical).