Dwantastic Training Calls

This weeks Call in Number: 605-475-4031
Code: 958959

Our Dwantastic LIVE Coaching Calls are held every WEDNESDAY morning at 11:00 am EST.

Call in to the number above for each week’s call. We change the log-in number once a month so the ONLY place to get the number is here!

We will then post the recorded calls within the day  for your continued training. Please listen to ALL of the training calls.

They are full of invaluable information that will help you on your path to success.

We have YEARS of them already here and they are a wealth of information.

Please don’t be shy about speaking up when you are on the call. We can’t answer your questions if you don’t ask them…lol.

REMEMBER – These calls are LIVE and will last as long as you have questions. Let us walk you through your deals, right here, on our LIVE weekly training calls!

Click on play buttons below to listen to each call.

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Dwanderful 2

Dwanderful 1

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