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Dwanderful 24 – 07/10/19 [x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Q&A- What does partnering with the homeowner entail? [x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Are banks more receptive on short sales right now? [x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Chat Box features [x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Should door knocking scripts be memorized? [x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Dwan is sick…so Ask Bill! [x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Free Program [x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Podcasting and the Antique Mall [x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Making Deals with Homeowners [x_audio_player mp3=”″]

What strategy would you use in today’s market? [x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Dwan is away! [x_audio_player mp3=”″]

What is my surprise birthday trip?! [x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Dwanderful 9 – 01/23/19 [x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Time Zone change can get confusing![x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Objections when door knocking [x_audio_player mp3=”″]

What should your follow-up conversation be like?  [x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Food for Thought. Make “Season” quarter goals. [x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Door knocking- are you really “bothering” them? [x_audio_player mp3=”″]

How do you approach homeowners about needing them to move out after a sale? [x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Bankruptcy leads- How do you find them? [x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Purpose of our calls and some friendly reminders [x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Bill- Mold Remediation and flooding[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Dwan- Not an Opportunist….but…[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Bill- Whirwind month & Hot Markets[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Will- What we have going on[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Dwan- Bought a Vacant house in SC in 45 minutes[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Bill- What our students are up to[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Bill- Prospecting: Why it’s important to schedule[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Bill- Q&A[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Dwan- Door knocking- Can you Solicit without a license?[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Dwan- High Equity Deals[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Dwan= Advice: As an investor, take some time to relax[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Bill- Q&A: What to say when door knocking to get the conversation started[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Dwan- How much does the homeowner want to make? Haggle![x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Bill- New Program called big money in high equity deals[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Dwan- High Equity Foreclosures[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Dwan- Stay Focused![x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Dwan- The market. Break out of your niche[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Bill- When are you communicating? Always? Or only when you are talking?[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Bill- Level 3&4 rehab[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Bill- Level 1&2 rhab[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Dwan- How to handle negative calls from signs?[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Bill- Some decisions you make and the generalization you make[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Bill- Tips for short sales: When building your case & Presentation[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Ayla- Youtube![x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Ayla&Dwan- Bail bondsman[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Ayla- Forum & Precautions[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Dwan&Ayla- Year End Deals[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Bill- Covering your back[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Bill- Indexing your markets[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Bill- Secrets of objection handeling[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Bill- Sales Clause[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Ayla&Dwan- Kindergarten Version of Land Trusts[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Ayla- Promotions[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Ayla&Dwan- Picking a good house for a rehab[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Dwan- ANNOUNCEMENT![x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Bill- Auction sites & other sites to find properties[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Ayla&Dwan- Diversity in the real estate community[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Ayla&Will- Neighborhood Awareness[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Dwan- How to build a rehabbers buyers list[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Ayla- Rehabs[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Dwan- Running a rehab crew[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Bill- Foundation of real estate deal[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Dwan- No equity program[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Bill- Different free sites we like[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Will- Having debts vs liabilities&Assets[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Dwan- Closings[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

Ayls- Last day of rehab- Poly the floors[x_audio_player mp3=”″]

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