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A man holding Business CardsDistribute You Business Cards Professionally


“Who wants a card? You get a card. And you get a card. And hey no, come back you forgot me business card!” Nothing can be more irritating to a potential customer than having pressure to be put on you for future business. Business card etiquette is something that all business professionals should know and abide by. Why? Because business cards are a powerful representation on you or your business’s professional identity. They can be a direct impact on your prospective customers. What etiquette should be considered?

Your business card obviously needs to contain the best contact information for the individual or the business that the card is representing. If customers can book appointments, consider leaving a space where appointment information can be written. One thing that really leaves a big impression is having a colorful business card that introduces your customer to the business or individual that they are considering doing business with.

The scope of business etiquette includes considerations that many professional ignore, or simply do not pay enough attention in the belief that a business card is just a small paper rectangle with a name and phone numbers to introduce yourself.

In business, time is gold and every minute is important because more often an individual only has a few minutes to impress a prospective client, before someone else does it first. Gentle manners can conquer, but accompanied with poor business cards, it is more likely the client will forget about you as soon as you live. Unprofessional business cards will not impress but will leave your prospective client with negative thoughts about your company.

On the other hand, color business cards are as attractive that catch the eye of even the most skeptical business contact. There is nothing more accurate that “a picture is worth a thousand words” when it comes to describing the first impression left on a person who receives a business card especially crafted to achieve a predefined business goal.

Color business cards and regular business cards should meet the criteria of being printed in very high quality paper, designed by professionals and never using public domain graphics or other elements that makes them look cheap. Make sure to include all personal information to your business acquaintances, and always carry enough of them with you, particularly when you are planning to attend a business meeting or social event.

The art of business cards is not only in giving them away, but also exchanging and receiving. Every time you attend an event where other professionals participate, try to exchange business cards with them, particularly color business cards to better impress, and when you receive a business card, study its design and content because you can learn from them.

Finally, always keep in mind that business cards are the branding tool of your company, not just a piece of paper to stay in touch with someone else.