Describe Your Temperament in ONE Word!


Being a real estate investor takes a lot of dedicated work. What type of WORD describes your temperament? How is your daily mood going to affect your real estate career? I realize you are at this blog because you think it is about real estate investing. Guess what? Your mental attitude is what makes or breaks you!

Do you have too much negative self-talk, do you say positive things, how much gumption do you have? Do you have what it takes to be a real estate investor?


I want you to describe your average mental state in ONE word: I am usually __________________________ !

I am in the menopause section of my life. I will say, this phase of my life is like a roller-coaster ride…haha. I find many days I cry over nothing, I wake up and feel sad, I feel depressed at times, I feel overwhelmed often, I feel like I can’t cope, I feel so happy I cry, I feel so much love toward my husband and kids that I cry, I am grief-stricken often, I am overwhelmed how fast our new Lifestyle Engineering business is growing, I am getting out of control with my interest in politics, and one day I’m afraid I will wake-up and be the crazy cat lady…but with no cats…haha….and the list goes on.

Do I feel all of these emotions all in one day? Personally, I don’t. I go weeks and weeks and am happy as a clam. Then I will have a few days where I cry a lot. Then back to happy and then back to something else.

If you ask anyone who personally knows me they will say that my temperament is EVEN TEMPERED – I am usually happy, in a good mood, rarely angry, not too much up or down…just even and happy. I wake up happy and go to bed happy…I know, I know – don’t you hate people who are happy all the time…lol!

So, when I have a day where I cry all day, I know that that is not a normal part of my temperament so I try to figure out what is bothering me, pray about it, and go back to being even-tempered.

I stay very in touch with my emotional state because we have so much mental illness in my immediate family. My family is small, but crazy…haha! I have one uncle who has been homeless off and on his entire life. He is that guy you see on the streets who is yelling at an invisible person. When he takes his lithium he is amazing, without it who knows who you will see from one day to the next. I have seen this man sleep for three solid days and not get out of bed to even pee. He currently lives at a group home for mental patients and gets his meds every day and is the funniest guy you will ever meet!

I have an aunt who spent her entire life, since the age of 21, in a mental institution from a severe nervous breakdown. She was as sweet as sugar when on her meds, but take her off and the voices told her to stab people – crazy!

I have a cousin who had agoraphobia for years. To this day she still doesn’t drive more than 20 miles from her house. Her daughter, my little cousin, went thru the same thing and refused to leave the house for a few years. She finally came out of it and I actually got her on a plane and we went to California for a few days. She travels all the time now.

I have another cousin who suffers from some sort of ADD or something. Can’t keep her mind on anything for more than 10 minutes and is also a Hoarder.

My uncle is a hoarder – a true pack rat! So is my other cousin…it’s a lot of mental illness for a small family. My own mother has suffered from depression most of her life. Unfortunately, she has tried every antidepressant on the market and they all give her terrible side effects so she fights with with natural supplements as best she can.

Now…Please don’t write me for using the word crazy and being politically incorrect!

Everyone in my family uses the same phrase: Crazy runs deep in our family!

And we are ALL okay with it and laugh about it. Many things are hereditary and you get what you get!

Since I have been in menopause I find I can easily get depressed, so I must keep a close watch on my own mental state. I take bio-identical hormones and supplements to keep me on track emotionally.

If you feel sad for no reason, don’t want to get out of bed, anger easily, or have any other symptoms of depression, please get help.

There is NOTHING wrong with antidepressants!

I took them for five years until I figured out what was happening to me – I started crying all day, feeling sad, not wanting to go anywhere, didn’t want to socialize, didn’t talk to my friends as much, and so many other things.

I knew enough about myself to know that I had no reason to feel these things so I went to a doctor, she told me I was going through menopause, she told me I could take hormones or an antidepressant and I would feel better right away. Based on my family history I took the antidepressants first while I tried to figure out exactly what was happening to my body.

After a TON of research I opted for bio-identical hormones and once I started them I got my life back.

Friends, don’t take what you may deem a mood swing or “feeling off” as nothing to be concerned about. If you know your body well enough, you know when you are off. Don’t be embarrassed to see a doctor or take medications. Our bodies change as we age and there isn’t a thing we can do about it so lets take the bull by the horns and deal with it!

Figure out the ONE WORD that describes your average mental state and if that isn’t how you feel 90% of the time – get help.

I also have a LOT of suicide in my family on my mothers side. I recently found out  that my grandmother was one of 11 kids and several of them committed suicide! In addition, many of my moms aunt and uncles also committed suicide…I was stunned! The rest lives to be very old – so we have longevity mixed with suicide – probably not the best mix!

This is why I keep such close tabs on my emotions, my daughter, my young cousins, and basically everyone in my family…suicide is a generational curse I want NO part of!


Get help. If nothing else..I will thank you for it and so will your body, mind, and soul!


Dwan Bent-Twyford, America’s First Lifestyle Engineer™!

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