The Power Of Appreciation

If you truly want to bring into your life everything that you desire, then start with appreciating all that you have now. Heres how it works you bring into your life whatever it is that you focus your thoughts upon. So, if you focus on all the lack in your life, you get more lack. […]

Build Trust And Increase Sales!

How many times has it happened to you? You walk through the doors of a place of busineess and here he comes – perfectly groomed with a smile planted across his face in greeting. Within two minutes he has talked non-stop and promised you everything, including the stars if you purchase his project. You lift […]

Can You Improve Your Credit Rating?

A credit score is a rating system creditors use to help determine whether to give you credit, and how much to charge you for it. If you have ever applied for a credit card, loan, or insurance, then there is a file about you known as your credit report which will include your quality score […]

Saving Money For College Key Strategies

One day you will wake up and your children will be grown and heading off to school. Have you thought about how you will finance their education?If you havent heard already, the cost of a decent education is continually rising above and beyond what ordinary people can afford. If you have more than one child, […]

Buying a House after Bankruptcy

Nowadays, people file for bankruptcy for a number of reasons. Some unexpected medical bills, the loss of a job or perhaps overwhelming debt can be some of the reasons for one to file for bankruptcy. One may then start thinking if it is possible to buy a home after bankruptcy. And the answer is in […]

Your Home Office – Make it Work for You

Working the cube farm has been a disaster for worker productivity for years and you are finally fed up. Your company has offered you an opportunity to work from home. So finally, the home office is born. The choice of the location of your home office is crucial to your success.Too close to the activities […]

How Flippers Find Buyers

When you are a home flipper, finding buyers for those flips is a top priority! One way to meet buys is by meeting other investors and potential customers at local business events. Think about community events, town meetings, business expos, and the list goes on. You can also go to auctions, market your properties online, […]

Can Bathroom Improvements Really Add Value?

It may come as a surprise that you don’t need to do a whole house remodel to add value to your home. Curious to know the #1 room to improve on to instantly add value? The bathroom! Why? And what kind of improvements make the difference?   Many home owners look for ways to add […]

How Can You Sell Fast and Get Top Dollar?

It is no secret that more half half of the homes on the market do not sell within their initial listing. If you follow these tips below, you will be ahead of the game and you’re home can break that pattern! Price it Right- Far and away above any other consideration is the price. The […]

Make an Offer Like the Pros

Putting an offer in on a home you want to buy sounds pretty straight forward, right? They say how much they want, you tell them how much you are willing to pay (which is usually less than their asking). That is the most common way that people submit their offers. What about an experienced investor, […]