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WARNING*** Reading my Blogs may piss you off! Most of them are my opinion about what is happening in our world, personal stories, how you should treat people, and more!

While I believe I am the “Queen of What’s Right” you may not always agree with me!

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I am old school,
not politically correct,
SOOOOOO tired of this cupcake world,
and not afraid to talk about it.

After 50 years, I have finally realized that I actually don’t give a crap what people think or say about me and I feel free to speak my mind. I have spent so much of my life trying to do and say the right things and, frankly, I’m exhausted from it. Is anyone else exhausted from all of this?

If you want real talk
-be here every day and talk back!

“So Dwan, why would I want to read your blog?” One thing I have a TON of (besides real estate knowledge) is common sense, insane life experiences, and a ton of great information to share.

Have fun with me and get your  boost of Dwandalicious advice to start your week! Who knows, I may say something that touches you, makes you see something from another point of view, or piss you off!

That’s the beauty

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