Are You Afraid to Knock on a Homeowners Door?


The next episode of The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever is the first episode of the first season: approaching a homeowner about their foreclosure. Dwan breaks down her fail-proof script line-by-line and explains to listeners how and why it works.

You will be surprised to hear how a few keywords can make all the difference between a door slammed in your face and an appreciative handshake.


Homeowners forclosure
One of the key components of her success is the “Fed Up with Foreclosure” packet that she provides to homeowners, and on tomorrow’s episode, she talks about how this resource builds instant rapport with the homeowner.
Dwan has taught her method to countless students of hers, and she is now providing
her expertise to her loyal listeners and website members.

She wants you to succeed and believes that you can earn $1 million in your first 12 months as a real estate investor.

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