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Estate sales are a signal for a real estate investment opportunity. Join Bill in 15 minutes of Investing on the Go as he talks about neighborhood awareness, what to look for when driving around neighborhoods and more. Also, he shares the difference between garage sales, yard sales, estate sales and the #1 question to always ask when you go to one.

Lastly, Bill invites you to give five stars, subscribe and visit both Dwanderful.com and InvestorsEdgeUniversity.com. Happy driving for dollars! Remember: champions never give up.

Time Stamps:
1:51 Bill shares what Dwanderful is about.
2:11 Bill shares something he found in a neighborhood: a vacant card from the postal service.
3:51 Bill explains the significance of Dakota, the wooden Indian.
6:51 Bill talks about neighborhood awareness when you are driving around.
11:32 Bill talks about the difference between garage sales, yard sales and estate sales.
11:51 Bill tells a story about “Sammy” at a yard sale in California to make up money for back payments.
14:51 Bill encourages you to always ask the question at a sale if they know anyone looking to sell any real estate.
15:51 Bill asks for you to give five stars, subscribe and go to Dwanderful.com and InvestorsEdgeUniversity.com.

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