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Dumpsters and real estate investors surprisingly have something in common. In this episode of Investing on the Go, Bill explains the significance of a dumpster. Also, he shares specifically what you should be looking for and what action steps to take. Follow his tips to successfully purchase and sell properties under market value.

Bill invites you to subscribe to Dwanderful.com and Investor’s Edge University. Also, he asks you to give this episode five stars and share with your network on social media in order to spread the word! Remember, champions never give up.

Time Stamps:

  • 1:04 Bill welcomes you to another segment of Investing on the Go.
  • 1:49 Bill introduces this week’s topic- dumpsters.
  • 1:51 Bill shares a story demonstrating how “focus creates blindness.”
  • 3:51 Bill tells you how you can buy leads from him.
  • 7:51 Bill explains the significance of dumpsters and noticing what’s going in them.
  • 9:32 Bill shares what to do when you see a dumpster in the driveway of a house.
  • 15:23 Bill encourages you to get to the bottom of if the dumpster is there to rehab the house or just to clean up the yard.
  • 16:12 Bill asks you to subscribe and give a five-star review.

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