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Today, Bill shares how to determine if a homeowner is ready. He shares why it is important to qualify a lead, how to qualify a lead and how many deals you need to make in order to make a certain amount of money. In summary, he encourages you that a lead is a lead is a lead and challenges you with, “What are your goals?”

In closing, Bill invites you to visit him and Dwan at Dwanderful.com, asks you to give this segment five stars, and please share on social media in order to spread the word! Happy May and happy investing on the go!


Time Stamps:

1:15 Bill encourages you to take some notes.

1:36 Bill introduces the topic: qualifying a lead.

2:37  Bill talks about how many deals you need to do if you want to make x amount of money.

7:02 In order to make that # of deals, you must be working with leads that are qualified and ready to make stuff happen.

7:21 Bill shares the seven or eight questions you need to know to qualify a lead.

6:70 Bill talks about how to qualify a rehabber.

16:08 Bill encourages you that a lead is a lead is a lead and asks what YOUR goals are?

17:03 Bill asks for you to leave 5 stars, invites you to visit him and Dwan at Dwanderful.com and encourages you that champions never give up!


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