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[/ultimate_heading][vc_column_text]In this episode of Dwanderful, Dwan shares the first steps to take after the coronavirus. She highlights what you can be doing now so you will be ready as the states reopen and the effects from the shutdown begin to emerge. Dwan goes over short sales, loan modifications, forbearance agreements, subject tos and her Fed Up program that offers everything you need to know about each.

In addition, Dwan encourages listeners from Ecclesiastes 3 and also highlights the biblical significance of 40 days. She continues to emphasize the equities of life and exhorts you to keep a check on mental and self care especially during this time.

Dwan asks you to subscribe on her website, tune in to her daily Facebook Live videos and kindly share all of her great resources with your networks. She would also appreciate a five star review. Thank you for listening. Remember, the truth is in the red letters!


Time Stamps:

1:01 Dwan welcomes you and shares the motto and goal at Dwanderful.

2:17 Dwan cheers to her bone and joint health beverage.

3:26 Dwan shares how important it is for you to opt in on Dwanderful.com and follow her on Facebook for her live videos.

4:10  Dwan emphasizes the window of opportunity for real estate investors right now.

7:35  Dwan shares a coronavirus update from Florida.

11:19 Dwan kicks off the first things you should be doing as we adjust to our new normal.

14:04 Dwan shares her prediction on short sales and July.

16:06 Dwan encourages you to read up on loan modifications.

20:04 Dwan talks about forbearance agreements.

22:17 Dwan talks about the Fed Up package at dwanderful.com/fedup

27:01 Dwan talks about the importance of learning “subject to”s.

28:37 Dwan encourages you to check on your own mental health and keep up with self care.

36:06 Dwan reads Ecclesiastes 3 from her Bible.

38:00 Dwan encourages you that there is a time for every single thing under the sun and this is YOUR time.

39:51 Dwan talks about the biblical significance of the number 40.

43:29 Dwan asks for you to share her podcast and leave a five star review.


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