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In this episode of Investing on the Go, Bill discusses how to help homeowners buy time. He shares  options that homeowners have when they are in distress. He then shares how the process of each option works and equips you with the correct discussion to have in order to meet the homeowner wherever they may be. Bill invites you to visit https://dwanderful.com/product/fed-up/ for a collection of scripts and gives a helpful glimpse into forbearance, bankruptcies and loan modifications.

You can also find Bill at Investor’s Edge University or daily on Facebook Live during the coronavirus pandemic. Stay safe, be well and remember that champions never fail!


Time Stamps:

:54 Bill welcomes you to Investing on the Go.

1:28 Bill asks you to go to Dwanderful.com to discover everything they teach.

2:11 Bill shares about buying time for homeowners.

3:33 Bill shares how you’ll push people away.

4:26 Bill talks about the script to give homeowners options.

9:33 Bill explains how to handle one out 10 as well as the other 9.

9:51 Bill explains the modification process.

10:51 Bill encourages you to go to dwanderful.com/fedup to see the options and the conversations.

11:51 Bill explains how the bankruptcy process works and encourages follow up.

15:26 Bill talks about the importance of the buying time script.

16:06 Bill asks you to subscribe to Dwanderful and give five stars.

16:29 Bill shares his motto that Champions never fail followed by a Trump anecdote.

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