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After a brief hiatus, Dwan is back with the most Dwanderful podcast ever! Dwan took a short break in December to refuel and recharge after having a respiratory virus (not COVID this time!), the death of her “Ill mama”, and sickness of her father. She will be podcasting from her childhood home while she helps him through his recovery and getting back on his feet after the loss of his wife of 45 years. Dwan takes this episode to tell us about what to expect from her during the “New You ’22” Don’t fret, though! She will still be bringing you the same great content and guests you’ve come to love! Dwan also takes a few  moments to remind us of her series of life equities in November. If you missed those, please go back and check them out Those equities are going to be playing a large role in our discussions this year!

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