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In this week’s episode of “Inside the Minds of Today’s Millionaires”, Dwan is talking with Marissa Brassfield. Marissa works with founders and teams who came creating a better Future. Shedoes this through workshops where She teaches how to amplify truth, interpret significant ideas, and use influential story telling to catalyze impact with authenticity and joy. Marissa walks us though how she began at an lvy league school getting her degree in journalism and how that got her to working with Fortune 100 executives and global leaders. You can learn more about Marissa by visiting www.efficient.af.

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  • : 5O Welcome to Inside the “Minds of Today’s Millionaires ” 
  • 1:34 Introduction to Marissa Brassfield and drinks with Dwan
  • 2:45 Who is Marissa and “What’s her deal”? www.efficient.af
  • 4:14 Amplifying truth, interpreting significant ideas, and using influential story telling to catalyze impact with authenticity and joy
  • 5:37 People think you need to be an extrovert to be successful
  • 8:34 “I walk through the doors that open for me”
  • 10:35 The worst thing you can do is worry alone
  • 12:02 We bought 20 buildings!
  • 14:34 “If it bleeds, it leads”. Our brains and negative news
  • 16:19 What DO you have control over?
  • 18:30 What was Marissa doing as a young teen? Get as far away as possible, but in an acceptable way?
  • 22:08 Always looking for the loophole and living in the “gray area”
  • 26:07 How did this girl come from being that girl
  • 28:58 Boundaries are for other people
  • 31:09 Practice having the boldness for the “big asks”
  • 34:03 Working remotely since 2007
  • 37:49 Became “Goddess of operations”
  • 39:35 The deal you can’t refuse!
  • 42:00 Something is growing there, What is the opportunity?
  • 44:26 Take your seat at the table!
  • 44:50 Favorite food and band
  • 49:22 Marissa issues this week’s life equity challenge 
  • 51:57 You can’t be grateful and angry at the same time
  • 52:57 Leave a “5-Star” review for Dwan and Marissa
  • 53:39 Marissa leaves us with a parting word of wisdom
  • 54:23 The truth is in the red letters

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