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In today’s episode of “The Most Dwanderful Podcast Ever”, Dwan is wrapping up her series on equity partnering. She starts by calculating what the market could look like if people tood advantage of the 20ish month reprive of making mortgage payments during Covid. She then goes on to express how important it is to keep a very detailed expense report while equity partnering. Why? Because this is will show the homeowner that you are trying to “pull the wool over their eyes”. With that in mind, though, Dwan is firm in expressing that she will not tolerate any unethical investors amongst her circle. If you want to make sure that you have all the dicuments you will need for real estate investing of any sort, go on over to her site 123foreclosures.com/join and get her wholesaling program. Within that is everything that you couldpossibly need to help your deal go smoothly. And, as always, please go to dwanderful.com and opt in and leave us a “5-Star review”.

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