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In this episode of “Business by the Book” Dwan is super excited to share with you a study brochure she had forgotten was in her Bible! It is a little book that was put out monthly called “the Active Word” and this one is from January 2010. Dwan talks about the pastor at that time and how he fell from grace. She reminds us, though, that even pastors are people too and that god forgives. She reminces about her time as a single woman and how she decided that she was going to wait for God to bring her a husband. Boy did he provide when he brought along Bill! Dwan then goes on to read a stusy called “The New You” which tells the story of God. Come on over to Dwanderful.com and opt in so you don’t miss our next Bible Study!

  • :50 Welcome to “Business by the Book”, our Bible Study Podcast
  • 2:22 Pastors are people too
  • 3:23 Some churches feel dead inside, they should be full of the Holy Spirit
  • 5:40 Smaller Home Bible Study groups, Dwan went to the one for singles
  • 6:14 God forgives
  • 7:20 Wait for God to bring me a husband
  • 8:35 We both knew instantly
  • 9:23 Dwan reads an articles about “God’s story”
  • 11:11 God isn’t a bully
  • 16:41 Remember, the truth is in the red letters!

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