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In this episode of “The Most Dwanderful Podcast Ever”, Dwan is talking about loan modifications. For millions of homeowners, they stopped making their mortgage payments during the initial stage of the COVID shutdown. Now that the payment delay provisions have been lifted, where does that leave those homeowners? Are they looking down a barrel of foreclosure? Are they receiving loan modification letters in the mail from their bank? What should they do if they find themselves in this position? They should be looking for your bandit signs! Dwan goes over things that you, as an investor, should be keeping your eyes open for. She also encourages you to go back and review some of her older videos on subject-to’s, owner financing, and the like. Go to Dwanderful.com and opt in to receive your 4 free training goodies. And don’t forget to leave a “5-Star” review!

  • :52 Welcome!
  • 1:18 Raise your had if you make less money than you think you are worth
  • 2:16 We bought 40% of a town!
  • 3:48 “5-Star” review from Gloria Adams
  • 4:59 Millions didn’t make their mortgage payment
  • 5:21 Do some “subject-to’s”
  • 5:42 Here is what’s happening
  • 8:20 Who got a loan modification letter?
  • 9:13 Foreclosure status
  • 10:47 Rent to own…owner financing…wrap around mortgage
  • 12:30 Whiteboard training coming in September
  • 14:00 Today’s assignment
  • 14:32 Keep your eyes open for homeowners who…
  • 15:06 Physical life equity challenge
  • 16:11 Leave a “5-Star” review!
  • 16:25 The truth is in the red letters!

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