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It’s the 200th episode of “The Most Dwanderful Podcast Ever”! Today, Dwan is joined by Bill to reminisce on the beginning of the podcast. Dwan talks about what kind of feed back she received and how she has fine-tuned the show to fit her listeners needs. She and Sill cutely banter and flirt back and forth while celebrating the achievement of not only reaching the 200th show, but also having over 930 “5-star” reviews. Dwan now hosts 4 different variations of the show. Tune in to watch “Investing on the Go” every other Saturday, “Inside the Minds of Today’s Millionaires” every Thursday, “Business by the Book” every other Sunday, and the main show “The Most Dwanderful Podcast Ever” every Tuesday. She encourages you to go leave a “5-star” review and to opt in at Dwanderful.com to receive 4 free eBooks and stay on top of what is happening in the Real Estate Investing world.

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