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Karen Briscoe, Inside the Mind of Today’s Millionaires’ special guest, is the principal owner of Huckaby Briscoe Conroy (HBC) with Keller Williams in McLean, Virginia, recognized by the Wall Street Journal as one of the top 250 real estate teams in the US and ranked in the top 100 teams with Keller Williams. Also, Karen hosts the podcast 5 Minutes of Success.
Dwan and Karen candidly discuss mindsets, men vs. women in their fields, what holds us back and more. Furthermore, Karen encourages you that you can start living your life at any time. In closing, Karen issues a mental equity of life challenge.
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Time Stamps:

:53 Dwan welcomes you to another episode of Inside the Minds of Today’s Millionaires.
1:35 Dwan welcomes Karen Briscoe.
2:34 Karen shares her story.
4:18 Dwan and Karen kick off Drinks with Dwan to a toast of tea.
5:27 Karen shares how she is doing right now.
6:33 Karen shares how she began her career in real estate.
11:16 Dwan and Karen share how they got started in podcasting.
12:00 Dwan and Karen share their ages.
12:28 Karen shares her mindset in her early teen years.
13:27 Karen shares her hallmarks and her personality type.
16:15 Karen attributes her work ethic to her father.
19:18 Karen and Dwan talk about podcasting with men vs. women.
21:33 Dwan asks Karen about her experience breaking into the real estate market as a woman.
26:37 Dwan and Karen talk about their training and what they’ve found works.
28:48 Dwan and Karen talk about the emotional aspect of the real estate business.
29:34 Karen underscores the importance of keeping relationships professional.
32:31 Karen talks about what holds women back.
34:13 Dwan and Karen talk about the sensitive side of the business.
35:55 Karen talks about the “either/or” mentality.
36:50 Dwan talks about the “when” mentality.
37:50 Karen highlights the safety/security needs, esteem needs and self actualization.
38:50 Karen highlights the “I’ll do it later” mentality.
39:29 Karen emphasizes to flip the time and start doing the things that give you energy.
40:20 Karen shares about her book.
41:05 Karen highlights the Dorothy story in the Wizard of Oz.
43:00 Dwan and Karen talk about their callings.
44:35 Karen encourages you that you can start life at any time.
50:51 Karen shares her favorite ice cream and band.
52:37 Karen shares the most amazing place she’s ever traveled.
55:27 Dwan and Karen talk about the relationship with their children as adults.
56:47 Dwan asks Karen to issue today’s equity of life challenge.
1:09:27 Karen shares that you can get in touch with her via her podcast, 5 Minutes of Success, HBC Group of Keller Williams in the DC area or by googling her name.
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