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Fuquan Bilal, Inside the Mind of Today’s Millionaires’ special guest and CEO and founder of NNG Capital Fund, shares about his life and career journey. First, Fuquan shares about his first job at the age of 13. Next, he shares about his 20s and how he came across real estate investing. Then, he shares about rehabbing and the effects of the market crash on his life and career including rebuilding his career. In closing, Fuquan shares three of his top tips on beginning a career in real estate investing and gives the life equity for the week.
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Time Stamps:

:56 Dwan welcomes you to another episode of Inside the Mind of Today’s Millionaires.
1:25 Dwan introduces Fuquan Bilal.
2:29 Fuquan shares a brief summary of himself.
4:40 Dwan and Fuquan kick off Drinks with Dwan to a toast of hot tea.
5:00 Fuquan highlights how COVID has affected his business.
6:17 Dwan asks Fuquan what he was like when he was younger.
10:49 Dwan recalls being shy when she was younger and asks Fuquan about his social skills when he was younger.
12:48 Dwan asks Fuquan about his 20s.
15:28 Dwan asks Fuquan about where along his path he came across real estate investing.
19:40 Fuquan shares about his rehabbing experience.
21:30 Fuquan shares about his life when the market crashed.
23:06 Dwan and Fuquan talk about buying a note vs. buying a house.
25:02 Fuquan talks about performing debt vs. non-performing debt.
27:33 Fuquan shares that you can find him at https://nngcapital.getmarko.com/home or find him on social media to contact him directly.
29:25 Dwan emphasizes the importances of a win-win-win situation.
30:35 Dwan asks Fuquan for three tips to encourage someone new to get started.


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