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Keith Yackey, Inside the Mind’s of Today’s Millionaires special guest, shares why he started coaching people to make private money. Also, he shares how the power of Dwan’s voice on a short sale program years ago encouraged him and led him to complete 700 rehabs. Furthermore, he shares about the difference between being a hard money lender and a private lender. Next, he shares three important tips you must know to build your business. Lastly, Keith issues this week’s equity of life challenge.
In closing, Dawn invites you to opt in at Dwanderful in order to receive 4 free ebooks and mention Keith for the chance to receive his audiobook for free. Thank you for listening, and please don’t forget to leave a five star review.

Time Stamps:

1:00 Dwan welcomes you to another episode of Inside the Mind’s of Today’s Millionaires.
1:30 Dwan introduces special guest, Keith Yackey.
1:55 Keith shares why he began his career 13 years ago.
2:51 Dwan and Keith kick off Drinks with Dwan to a toast of tea.
3:29 Keith shares how he’s doing this week.
4:38 Keith shares about doing Dwan’s short sale program and the power of her voice in his life.
8:42 Keith shares the timespan of his 700 rehabs.
13:16 Keith emphasizes the importance of building relationships.
17:48 Keith shares about himself around 10-12 years old.
20:00 Keith shares about when he became a follower of Jesus and his work with Calvary Chapel.
27:49 Keith shares about his life at 18.
29:36 Keith shares about life after being a pastor.
35:55 Keith shares about coaching people to make private money.
36:51 Keith shares that you can find him at keithyackey.com.
39:00 Keith talks about the difference between a private money lender and a hard money lender.
42:55 Keith shares 3 important tips you need to know starting with tip #1: establishing credibility.
48:47 Keith shares tips #2 of 3: sharing the right content.
53:01 Keith shares his favorite band of all time.
57:41 Keith shares his favorite food.
1:00:25 Keith issues this week’s equity of life.
1:08:20 Dwan summarizes all about Keith.
1:10:21 Keith offers to give away his audiobook to five people.
1:10:55 Dwan invites you to dwanderful.com for five free gifts and encourages you to mention that you love Keith to receive his audiobook.
1:13:16 Keith gives a word of encouragement to someone thinking about starting.


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