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Things that are NOT in the Bible are Dwan’s focus in this episode of Business by the Book. First, she begins by celebrating the 30 year anniversary of her faith journey. Next, she talks about prayer and the ways that God answers prayer. Then, she talks about the things that the Bible does NOT say to do. Mostly, Dwan encourages you to keep your moral compass high because that is what sets you apart from everyone else. Lastly, thank you for listening and don’t forget to leave a five star review.

Time Stamps:
:59 Dwan welcomes you to another episode of Business by the Book.
1:12 Dwan shares about her faith journey over the last 30 years.
2:00 Dwan encourages you to ask the Lord what lesson you’re supposed to be learning in both the good and bad times.
2:26 Dwan shares today’s topic: things that are not in the Bible.
3:57 Dwan emphasizes that the Bible doesn’t say to gossip and talk badly about people.
6:01 Dwan emphasizes not to use prayer as a means to justify your gossip.
6:20 Dwan shares about when she was convicted of gossiping.
7:04 Dwan emphasizes not to treat strangers poorly and shares why from scripture.
8:13 Dwan encourages you not to be upset because someone else gets what you wanted.
8:55 Dwan shares God’s three answers to prayer: yes, no and wait.
11:31 Dwan talks about one of the ten commandments to not covet what other people have.
12:01 Dwan emphasizes that the Bible does say not to sleep around until you are married.
13:01 Dwan emphasizes not to treat children poorly and be inpatient with children.
13:32 Dwan says not to wish bad things on people.
14:20 Dwan points out that God says to pray for your enemies.
15:19 Dwan emphasizes that the Bible does not say to treat your employees poorly.
15:28 Dwan shares that the Bible does not say to take advantage of people.
15:48 Dwan shares that the Bible does not say to get drunk every weekend but speaks against drunkenness.

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