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Are you willing to be crazy to close a deal? In this episode, Dwan first emphasizes that the short sale tsunami is here. Next, she revisits the topic of uncooperative loan loss mitigation representatives. Furthermore, she shares three funny stories that involved thinking outside of the box in order to close a short sale. Also, Dawn emphasizes the importance of doing what it takes to get a deal done on behalf of a homeowner in distress…and be sure to share it with her when you get wildly creative. In closing, Dawn issues this weeks equity of life challenge.
Lastly, Dawn invites you to opt in at Dwanderful.com for four free gifts. Also, download the Mighty Network app to become part of her community. Finally, don’t forget to leave a five star review for the chance to be featured in Dwan’s Listener Spotlight!

Listener Spotlight:

Thank you Henry Smith for listening via Apple Podcasts and leaving the following five star review:
Practical & Inspiring!
Dwan is incredibly articulate and she breaks down complicated lessons into manageable steps. I will keep on telling every woman I know about this podcast! I appreciate you so much Dwan.


Time Stamps:

:59 Dwan asks for a show of hands of those who don’t make the money they think they are worth. Who is sick and tired of being sick and tired?
2:52 Dwan highlights the state of our country.
3:23 Dwan addresses cancel culture.
3:44 Dwan shares the purpose of each episode.
4:35 Dwan shares about the renovation they are doing on their house in Colorado.
5:57 Dwan shares the motto at Dwanderful.
6:38 Dwan toasts to a drink of her bone and joint enzymes and shares where she gets it.
8:10 Dwan encourages you *not* to be the person that doesn’t invest in yourself or your future.
8:23 Dwan emphasizes that the short sale tsunami is here and shares a funny story about working with an uncooperative loss mitigation representative that became one of her go-to contacts.
24:15 Dwan shares another story about her student that heard the above story and got creative in dealing with a loss mitigation rep.
26:00 Dwan tells another story about a student, Jimmy, doing whatever it takes to get the deal done.
28:25 Dwan shares one last story about her and her student working with a REO bank owned house.
33:37 Dwan encourages you to think outside of the box and do whatever it takes to get the short sale done for the homeowner.
34:13 Dwan emphasizes that the bottom line is to get the deal done.
34:41 Dwan said that if you get wildly creative, to be sure to write and tell her.
35:54 Dwan issues this week’s equity of life: spiritual.
39:10 Dwan invites you to visit Dwanderful.com for four free gifts.
39:14 Dwan invites you to download the Mighty Network app and join Team Dwanderful.
40:05 If you enjoyed anything at all in this episode, Dawn invites you to leave a five star review for the chance to be featured.

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