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Are you praying bold enough? In this episode of Business by the Book, Dwan invites Frank McKinney to share his heart through scripture. First, Frank reads Luke 11:5. Next, he encourages you to inventory your prayers and examine how specific, bold and audacious they are. Furthermore, Frank highlights Judas, the prodigal son and our own waywardness. Most importantly, he emphasizes the redemption, grace and love available through a relationship with Jesus. In closing, Dawn shares how to have a relationship with Jesus, and both Dwan and Frank encourage you to read the Bible beginning with the red letters. Thank you for tuning in!

Time Stamps:

:59 Dwan welcomes you to another episode of Business by the Book and introduces today’s host, Frank McKinney.
1:32 Frank shares that he was a sinner saved by the grace of God.
2:09 Frank asks if Jesus were here today, how would you approach Him?
2:49 Frank shares that what brings us together is the love of God and we are Christians.
3:20 Frank highlights that we all want love, change and that in the Bible, money is referenced second to love.
3:43 Dwan shares her Bible, the New International Version Life Application Bible.
4:04 Dwan emphasizes that “truth is in the red letters” is a reference to Jesus’ words being in red letters.
4:29 Frank turns to Luke 11:5 and reads it.
6:50 Frank explains what he just read and asks, “How bold are your prayers?”
7:43 Frank highlights the person knocking on the door is you.
9:40 Frank encourages you to inventory your prayer and see how specific it is, how audacious it is.
12:50 Frank highlights Judas as the one who knew how to handle money and a corporation would look to hire yet he failed miserably.
14:15 Frank references the prodigal son and highlights how many times we have gone wayward in our lives.
15:15 Frank emphasizes that the same redemption, grace and mercy that was available to the prodigal son is available to us.
17:23 Dwan encourages you that if you don’t know Jesus, to open the Bible and start with the red letters, the words spoken by Jesus.
19:35 Dwan shares how to have a relationship with Jesus.
21:44 Dwan thanks you for listening and reminds you that the truth is in the red letters.

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