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LewisOne, special guest on Inside the Mind of Today’s Millionaires‘, joins Dwan to share about his career as an artist beginning at eight years old, into his early teens, through college and now as an adult. Furthermore, Lewis shares about his diverse experience in consumer psychology and marketing. In fact, Lewis shares about his marketing company focused on the psychology of people which uses artistic skills to embed psychological cues in a customers environment in order to persuade their decision making process. Also, Lewis offers some golden nuggets of advice to new real estate investors on how to find your niche, create your brand, build your list and more. In closing, don’t miss Lewis’ equity of life challenge or parting advice. Thank you for listening and if you liked anything in this episode, Dawn and Lewis would love a five star review.

Listener Spotlight:

Thank you to Dean Berry for tuning in via Apple Podcasts and leaving the following five star review:
Understanding the roots of real estate investing
What a nice change of pace from other real estate podcasts. Most other real estate podcasts focus on finance and structuring deals to make money. While that is important, this podcast teaches you how to be more. Thank you!

Time Stamps:

:58 Dwan welcomes you to another episode of Inside the Mind’s of Today’s Millionaires and introduces Lewis.
1:41 Dwan and Lewis toast to tea and coffee to kick off Drinks with Dwan.
2:54 Lewis introduces himself and his background.
3:20 Lewis shares that as an artist, he had to learn how to do marketing, and then began to offer the service to other people.
4:05 Dwan shares that Lewis did her logo for her.
6:27 Lewis shares about the benefits available when you are an Native American tribe member.
7:48 Dwan asks Lewis to share about himself at age 12.
11:46 Lewis shares about his art business in his early teens.
18:17 Lewis shares about his mindset going into college and deciding to major in consumer psychology.
27:27 Lewis shares his advice for new real estate investors that are trying to establish their brand.
35:22 Lewis emphasizes the importance of a tribe.
37:15 Lewis emphasizes the importance of building your brand with people aside from your family and friends because they will exhaust your resources and distract you from real opportunities.
41:00 Dwan recommends a REA group as a great way to build your list.
45:00 Dwan and Lewis talk about self sabotage.
48:59 Lewis talks about the importance of knowing when to walk away from a project.
50:51 Lewis shares how art shows have worked during COVID.
51:53 Lewis shares how he tries to be diverse in his income.
53:32 Lewis shares that you can find him at lewisone.com.
53:57 Lewis shares about working with an auction company to purchase houses.
1:00:56 Lewis shares his favorite bands of all time.
1:02:43 Lewis shares his favorite food.
1:03:33 Lewis shares the most bizarre place he’s ever found himself.
1:07:00 Dwan asks Lewis to issue this week’s life equity.
1:07:54 Lewis issues a mental equity of life.
1:10:54 Dwan invites you to opt in at dwanderful.com to receive free gifts.
11:11:20 Dwan asks if you enjoyed anything on today’s episode, to leave a five star review.
1:11:40 Lewis shares his parting advice: Don’t be greedy.

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