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The short sale tsunami is here. In this episode, Dwan explains what will happen in July once the mortgage payment moratorium is lifted. In fact, most homeowners in distress will not be able to pay their missed mortgage payments from the past year. Also, Dwan explains the impact that the country’s economy has on the housing market. Furthermore, Dwan explains how real estate investors can fill the void, and highlights which steps to take in order to be in a position to make the most of this opportunity. Lastly, Dwan issues this week’s equity of life challenge and invites you to take advantage of her free gifts.

Listener Spotlight:

Thank you Gerald Cook for listening via Apple Podcasts and leaving the following five star review:
Amazing advice, right to the point!
Dwan’s personality combined with her money wisdom makes for an entertaining and educational podcast. I love that she keeps her podcasts fun, but to the point. Really informative.


Time Stamps:

:54 Dwan welcomes you to today’s podcast and invites you to subscribe so you won’t miss any of the 10-11 shows Dwan is doing each month.
1:35 Dwan invites you to stick around until the end to receive your free gift.
1:38 Dwan kicks off Drinks with Dwan with a toast to her live enzymes.
3:01 Dwan introduces today’s topic: Short Sale Tsunami.
4:00 Dwan highlights what is going to happen when people are required to start making mortgage payments in July.
6:07 Dwan explains the way our country’s debt works when stimulus money is printed plus when people aren’t making mortgage payments and the hit it takes to the housing market.
6:43 Dwan predicts a recession and encourages you to google printed money and economics.
7:30 Dwan explains what happens with a literal tsunami.
9:19 Dwan encourages you to listen to her previous podcasts on forbearance.
11:00 Dwan forecasts what will happen when foreclosures skyrocket.
11:32 Dwan explains how real estate investors can fill the void.
12:02 Dwan tells you to google real estate investors association for live in person meetings near you.
12:50 Dwan encourages you to find five or six REIA groups and listen to what they’re saying because it will give you a pulse on the market.
14:04 Dwan emphasizes this is the moment for short sales and not to “wait and see.”
15:20 Dwan addresses bitcoin and cryptocurrency.
16:36 Dwan invites you to visit shortsalewave.com/join
18:25 Dwan encourages you to find a real estate agent who specifically works with real estate investors that can do the listing agreements for you and they will receive commission from the bank.
20:12 Dwan emphasizes the importance of building your team including a title company.
21:46 Dwan encourages you to let the REIA know that you are looking for landlords and rehabbers to flip your houses.
22:30 Dwan encourages you to build a list of buyers to buy the short sales from you.
23:07 Dwan encourages you to see if properties are in opportunity zones when you are looking at them.
24:28 Dwan explains how you may be able to acquire grant money in order to repair a purchase in an opportunity zone.
26:30 Dwan explains that when you are part of the Dwanderful family, she will coach you personally.
28:00 Dwan explains how you will make money doing short sales.
29:38 Dwan emphasizes the short sale tsunami is here and to stop waiting or you will regret it.
30:46 Dwan issues today’s life equity: physical.
32:36 Dwan invites you to dwanderful.com and join to receive her free gifts and become part of her Mighty Network.

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