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This update affects you. In fact, this episode highlights what is going on in today’s market, and Dwan emphasizes how you have the opportunity to either become a millionaire or a victim – it’s your choice. Furthermore, she shares what she has learned about both the current and upcoming market from talking to a loss mitigator in the short sale department at a bank. Also, she shares about loan modifications, forbearance agreements and foreclosures. Most importantly, Dwan encourages you not to “wait and see” or you will miss your window. Lastly, she issues this week’s equity of life challenge that will brighten someone’s day. Thank you for listening and don’t forget to leave a five star review.

Listener Spotlight

Thank you to Sarah Fortes for listening via iTunes and leaving the following five star review:
Very Unique
As a new investor trying to soak up any perspective, tips, and routes to lead to a successful career in investing, this is the place to be. I love your advice, unique ideas. Thanks!


Time Stamps:

1:04 Dwan asks for a show of hands of how many people don’t make what they think they’re worth.
1:39 Dwan shares that she was a broke, single mom that got fired from Denny’s.
2:15 Dwan shares her motto, People before Profits.
3:13 Dwan cheers to a drink of her raspberry bone and joint beverage.
3:58 Dwan shares a podcast update.
4:55 Dwan invites to opt in at dwanderful.com to become a part of Team Dwanderful.
5:35 Dwan emphasizes the resources available as part of Team Dwanderful.
9:55 Dwan observes the common thread among her Inside the Minds of Today’s Millionaires episodes.
12:00 Dwan invites you to contact her on her Facebook page or in her Mighty Network app to share some things you’d like for her to cover in her podcast episodes.
16:30 Dwan likens this pandemic market to a tsunami where the wave is about to hit.
19:00 Dwan explains the difference between forbearance and a loan modification.
27:33 Dwan shares what will happen once the bank puts a house in foreclosure.
28:13 Dwan shares about the last book she wrote, Short Sale Pre-foreclosure Investing.
28:53 Dwan predicts what happens when a person is in loan modification.
29:29 Dwan shares what she has learned from talking to a loss mitigator.
31:09 Dwan encourages you to decide if you’re going to be a millionaire or a victim in the COVID market.
31:46 Dwan encourages you to take advantage of her offer at shortsalewave.com/join
32:25 Dwan emphasizes that the window is here and if you wait and see, you will miss your window.
32:46 Dwan issues this week’s equity of life challenge: financial.
36:45 Dwan shares some personal results she’s gotten when she’s put the life equity into practice.
38:04 Dwan invites you to contact her.


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