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Let’s take communion together in this segment of Business by the Book. In fact, Dawn explains the significance of Easter and what communion means to people who believe Jesus died on the Cross so their sins could be forgiven and rose again from the grave. Next, she reads what scripture says about communion. Then, she invites you to join her in communion in remembrance of Him. Furthermore, she pauses to pray and thank Jesus for dying on the cross so your sins could be forgiven. In closing, Dwan explains how to have a relationship with Jesus.

Listener Spotlight

Thank you to Ruth Marquis for listening via iTunes and leaving the following five star review:
Great Advice from Dwan

This is a podcast every woman should listen to- it’s for all ages and all walks of life. As a woman, accountant, and money- conscious being, I love this podcast! It takes so many different views and ideas. Thank you for your valuable advice!

Time Stamps:

:53 Dwan welcomes you to Business by the Book and Happy Easter Sunday.
1:30 Dwan explains the significance of Easter.
2:24 Dwan invites you to join her in communion as she explains it.
7:17 Dwan explains what it means to be nondenominational.
10:00 Dwan explains what it means to have a relationship with Jesus vs. just being a good person.
12:55 Dwan explains Passover and its significance.
13:30 Dwan invites you to pause and gather your communion elements.
14:15 Dwan reads 1 Corinthians 10:14-17.
16:38 Dwan reads John 6:53-59.
19:38 Dwan reads 1 Cor 11:23-29.
22:15 Dwan addresses the bread and wine not needing to be blessed.
23:00 Dwan addresses that there is no baby baptism in the Bible.
23:27 Dwan partakes of the bread “in remembrance of Me.”
24:00 Dwan partakes of the cup (wine) “in remembrance of Me.”
26:23 Dwan has a moment of prayer to reflect in thankfulness over the communion elements (the blood and the body) for saving us and dying on the cross so our sins can be forgiven.
27:35 Dwan highlights the Bible’s warning about taking communion for the right reason.
28:20 Dwan explains that over 5,000 people saw Jesus in the death and resurrection.
29:29 Dwan explains that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John each talk about the Last Supper.
29:45 Dwan invites believers in Christ to have communion as often as they would like “in remembrance of Him.”

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